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Freelance Visual/UX/Web Designer, based in Haarlem - the Netherlands


Web Design and Optimization


Webshop and Order System


Graphic and Visual Design

Prototyping and A/B Testing


Display and Social Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Design and development for every stage of your journey.


Work with founders, turning their ideas into something they can wear with pride. Together we’ll take your product to market, establish a brand, and create an experience that works.

Growing Brands.

Supporting the growth of your business, we breath new life into the soul of your existing brand. We revitalise identities and bring a focus to services and products as they evolve.


Become an extension to your teams – helping established corporations enhance their brands through design and development. Introducing changes that enhance future goals.

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De Greiner, Voorhelmstraat 25.104 (Flexruimte Klein Haarlem) 2012 ZM Haarlem, Netherlands