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"To balance is to heal. To harmonize is to regulate. The needle and herb can Harmonize and Heal any sickness" - Huang Di Nei Jing

Fang Yeh is an acupuncturist and herbalist who came into contact with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from an early age. She comes from a family of TCM therapists. Various methods were often applied in case of illness. She has seen soups with Chinese herbs, acupuncture, Tuina etc. since her childhood.

Timing couldn’t be better when she wanted to start her own practice and needed help with all her promotions and website. After the roll-out we’ve kept contact and helped her with further assistant improving her business.

Was responsible for:
– Create a design and arrange a hosting of her website.
– Build all the pages and make sure it’s responsive (desktop & Mobile)
– Adding basic SEO.
– Ability to Blog her stories & activities.
– Create her business cards.

Balancepoint Acupunctuur | Feb 2022
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